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thank you Mohegan! This whole thing has made me remember the type of person I could have been if I let my personal issues take over. I used to be just like apokylptk in my youth. Not just the trolling part, but where I would single out tiny things in conversations and feed on them to see how much attention I could have brought on myself. I found that it attracted very similar unwanted people, and many times chased away the real open minded friends I could have had. I do appreciate the genuine concern from the folk here about [I]how[I] i was handling his ultimate choice, and not how little I chose to share of it, or why it was such a horrible thing to move on. I dont dwell or wallow. It leads to worse things in my head. But I really dont need to explain this to anyone who has already decided not to listen.

Im really excited that Karma landed his job! Not only does this mean he will finally have something to do with all his energy, but that maybe he wont be such a vampire either. Early mornings tend to level ones head out quite a bit. And since this is actually my blog (Im pretty sure anyway), Im going to say a bit more about how happy I am in this new relationship. We had dinner together last night and Im sure you remember how stressed I was about doing this. Everything I have been through in my life is a first, thats how I look at it. Every new experience is .. well, new! I honestly dont know why I was so worked up or even remember what I expected to happen, but I think Karma's nervousness infinitely outweighed my own and thats what allowed me to relax and just be me. This entire time since it was mentioned I had a thought in my head that he's so ok because he's done this before. Poly is his thing, their thing. Ive never gone to a boyfriends house to hang out with his wife in their home. He's brought over girlfriends before, he knows the routine. It was relieving to see him forget how to cook, to see him blush a million times throughout the evening when Mohegan and I would speak about his little quirks and to know that in the end girls would be girls and he was the odd man out, not me as I had anticipated. Im really looking forward to the next time we can have a movie night, curled up on the couch with Karma in the middle. I know Im really focusing on him right now in this post but seeing as how he is our hinge, then it seems right. Im happy with Karma, and with the direction my relationship is going with Mohegan. So yes, things are going rather well.
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