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Hi guys! Im the resident sociopath you are so keen on talking about! Im really sad that we all came here to discuss polyamory and that the ONLY thing most of you can get out of the chunk of life I decided to share with complete strangers is how sick and twisted I am. It really warms my murderous heart, thank you. A simple, "sorry to hear that, glad everything is looking brighter for you" would have sufficed. How about this, the next time I feel like sharing myself with you I will write about all the tears, the heartache, the guilt, and the inevitable "I did this" that I suffered. Is that what you want? Is that what it is, you dont think Im suffering enough on the outside to please you? Im not openly admitting an ungodly pain that threatens to destroy my soul to a bunch of possibly (and now obviously) judgmental strangers? well Im here to tell you that I dont feel like being here for youre own ignorant focuses .

I wanted to come here, put my happy moments down for others to enjoy and seek out those who might have similar stories. I guess I really am young and naive to have thought this would be a place of support and comfort for those of us who travel the unbeaten path. Well, lesson learned. Thanks for listening to my story, now kindly get the hell off my page. I dont need to be talked about, condemned and experience everything else my husband did to me from you guys also.
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