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Are you prompting me to say 'kiss my ass'?

No, man...I don't feel entitled in the least. Hopeful, though. Maybe I'm sounding a little too detailed with my posts - perhaps a bit too 'step by step', making it sound needy or something? - but keep in mind that I'm not only here because I'm new to the poly idea...but I'm once again new to dating in general. It's been a couple of decades since I've been out there, and I haven't had to concern myself with the behaviors of single (or not) women in quite some time. Maybe my many questions and comments on the subject have been translated as 'entitled' somehow. Or not. Certainly don't feel that. But it did seem like the fact that you mentioned entitlement at all and its gross nature that it was indirectly pointed at me. If not, as you say, then all is groovy.

Shake on it?
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