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Originally Posted by BaggagePatrol View Post
Let's remove the third, and think about it without the wife involved. "If you don't sleep with me, I will break up with you." That is what has been put on the table. ... My feelings and needs are more important than anyone else's." Yikes. Yikes indeed.
Um, no, that is NOT what the OP said. Let me refresh your memory:

So me and my husband have had a gf for 2 months. We are all starting to fall in love with each other. talking about moving in together and everything. till last night our world came crashing down. last night she told us that she doesnt think she can do this. this totally came out of no where. talking some more she told us that she is having a hard time that she and him cant have intiamte "alone" time and me and he dont have alone time. she thinks i dont trust her to have alone time with him. its not that i dont trust them. i let them go out on a date every week and im ok with that. as far as having sex without me. its not that im not ok with it im just not comfortable yet. me and him have been together for 12 yrs and married 10 yrs. im just working up to letting them be alone together. is that wrong of me to feel that way? im feeling extremly guilty, and sad. i dont want to loose her i love her very much. and my husband does too. i told him that he can have sex with her without me. i dont know if im 100% ready but for the sake of our relationship im going to be ok with it. she feels that its not fair that i get to have sex with him without her. and i get it shes right. so now im here hurt that she just broke if off before talking it over with us, scared and sad we are going to loose her. what do i do? was i wrong? :'(
show me where it says that the girlfriend gave that ultimatum. It does not say that ANYWHERE. The post is full of "i told them they can" and "I let them", nowhere does it say that the girlfriend said "you better or else". It reads as though the girlfriend thought about it and made her decision and told them what it was because she was dealing with it like a mature adult who is responsible for her own "baggage" (lol) and knows that she can't control other people but can control her own self.

So while you're talking about (not) judging people, how about reading what they write and responding to that instead of making up stuff about someone who isn't even here to give their side of the story? Yikes, indeed.
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