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Originally Posted by northhome View Post
Is there some sort research / evidence you could supply to provide some background data to this statement?
Yes because there have been countless studies of the Polyamory community and what they say and do....what the heck stupid question is that? Have you ever been on ONE SINGLE pro triad thread on a Polyamory board ever?

The closest to it I have ever seen are threads in which every single person has been a unicorn hunter and none have actually been involved in a triad.
Yes, it is a bunch of people's opinions, but in the face of no positive examples otherwise I feel my statement does not need any academic validation. If you want to start an academic study to disprove my hypothesis feel free.

*note by triads I am specifically referring to a Unicorn situation where there is an original (usually married) couple looking for one single woman to love and be their exclusive partner. If this is not describing you, I am not talking about you.

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