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Well, it's morning and we survived the night.

Q got home and did hold me. I'm pretty sure I was crying out of fear and illness. My lungs still feel like they're going to explode. If I hadn't already worked overtime this week, I wouldn't be at work today. That, and I'm sure it's allergies that went into my lungs and not something contagious. The fear was set off because he wasn't home when I expected (we hadn't set a specific time, more of an "around") and then didn't answer my text. I was afraid he didn't want to come home.

Q told me this morning that he felt bad and guilty for making me cry. I asked him to try not to, since he didn't really do anything wrong. He was expecting me to be asleep. Hell, I was expecting me to be asleep! I did ask him to agree to be home at a specific time in the future, at least for now. And pointed out that we've learned not to do new things when I'm this kind of sick! Not to mention the two overnight shifts in a row which completely threw off my sleep schedule. I'm going to talk to my boss about getting off those.

I'm torn over how much to tell Miss M. I don't want her to feel the guilt that Q has been feeling, and knowing her, she probably would.
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