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I am

A few weeks ago Ben got his tax return, well we took it and he bought me a motorcycle and I met Jason the sales guy. I kinda assumed he was taken because he's really handsome. I bought my bike and went on my merry way, excited to have a shiny motorcycle to play with.

Well last week I posted(with little hope for success) on Craigslist looking for friends for possible relationship, and I explained that I was poly and blah blah blah. Well Jason my sales guy responded! He is really awesome and I am learning more and more about him everyday and I don't feel that "crazy fast ohmaigerd i love you" feelings. I care a lot about him, and tonight I've spent my night googling his medical problems and now i'm just more worried about him x.x but i guess he's made it this far, but! i digress. I am really sure that he and I will form a more close relationship as time goes by.
21yr old poly female; single and happy
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