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How it works with us.
Nights are spent with Maca, early mornings with GG.
I don't derail my nights with Maca over arguments with GG and I don't derail my mornings with GG over arguments with Maca.

So-there are times when an argument takes place and I am with the other before it is resolved. What happens is what happens. I frequently make love with whichever one I am with & I don't cancel that because I may be in need of fixing an issue with the other.

I also will frequently ask for their advice in resolving a conflict with the other. As much as they claim otherwise, they do know each other well and sometimes see things more eye to eye then I do with either of them.

The key is: I never talk to someone who will try to undermine the relationship I have with the person I am in conflict with. It took time: but both partners are supportive of each others place in my life. So if Indo go to one for comfort regarding a conflict with the other-their form of support is tuned into resolving the conflict-not undermining the relationship.
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