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this time around i am also dealing with the possibility that he just isn't into me that way.
We ALWAYS deal with the possibility that the other person feels differently. Why? Because we are not in charge of the other person's feelings. Could let THEM be in charge of dealing with however it is they might feel.

Perhaps you want to look at love theory model? To help give you words for what you are after here?

Maybe you want to share companionate love -- that shared between platonic, good, friends?

feel as if i just want to "know" him better.

i don't know how to explain it to you. i want some type of attachment yet i don't have a strong super urge telling me it's his "man parts" that i want.
Guess what? You already have an attachment. I think you might mean you are experiencing the desire to deepen the attachment into... whatever it will be.

i think i want his attention and i want to win his favor.

Already have his favor. He's your friend isn't he?

i want him to want to be around me because i have something to add to his life
You cannot dictate what he wants. It is a limit of the Universe.

Could clarify this sentence a bit more. I think you could mean

"I would like him to accept what I have to offer. My offer is ____ to add to his life."
Well, if you want him to have opportunity to accept? Offer it then. He can't mind reader and accept offers he doesn't know are offered!

You can offer. That is your behavior you can control.

He can hear the offer. He can choose to accept/decline offer at this time. That is behavior he can control.

You are excited, crushing, and it is understandable to feel all twitterpated. It's fun. But you can enjoy the sensation without talking down to yourself in your head, jumping to conclusions, or getting all wigged out. BREATHE. It's fine.

(And I do empathize AND sympathize right now because I have my own crushy gushy going on. )


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