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i have been thinking about it and i may not say anything at all. i have been here before. last time it screwed everything up.

maybe i'll just wait a bit. thank you for your input. this time around i am also dealing with the possibility that he just isn't into me that way. i don't know for sure. i was freaking out and felt as if i were about to blab too soon and read too much into things like i always do.

i'm stepping back a bit. i do take the new guy's age for granted. sometimes i forget that he is old enough to handle himself. i don't have to worry.

i really like what you said about me not being able to control his reaction. i tend to over think things. this is my way of trying to control others and it never works. i need to trust myself and learn that everyone won't hate me just because i think they are attractive.

you're right, it is a compliment. i have been around him long enough to know that he would enjoy being told how awesome he is.

i am also still going over non sexual types of relationships. as hot as he is, i may not be really into the sex part of things. i feel as if i just want to "know" him better. i don't know how to explain it to you. i want some type of attachment yet i don't have a strong super urge telling me it's his "man parts" that i want. i think i want his attention and i want to win his favor. i want him to want to be around me because i have something to add to his life.
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