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Sex in general:

Are you getting what you want/need?

Sex with babies in the home:

Those baby years where all people in the house dance to the tune of the wee one(s) care needs? It won't be forever that they are wee.

Talk about sex needs with kids this age in the home with your people.

It may help to have a scheduled time for OPPORTUNITY. If sex actually happens in the window of opportunity, great. If not, you created a window at least. Chat instead and have heart to heart intimacy. Or mind or soul intimacy. Wait til the next window to have body intimacy via sex.

Talk about supporting each other in creating those windows. Could be offering to take turns watching the kids, adjusting sleep schedules, meal schedules, showering together -- whatever has to happen to create opportunity moments for intimacy shared -- body, heart, mind or soul share.

Then for the "in between" moments where it is more catch as catch can... let it be that way with whoever it happens to catch.


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