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SC, your post asks all the questions milling about in my head.

The social circle issue is still out on the table.

I'm not satisfied being his dirty little secret, or being seen as some outside woman. However, we are in the first month of the relationship.

For now, we all hang out together. When we are together, I don't feel like the other woman or a secret. Of course, we haven't gotten to the bridge where we are all in the same place and both circle of friends are there.

It feels as though, for now, we are both avoiding it. I'm not sure that I'm ready to come out to my friends either, so, I'm good with things the way they are.

We did have a conversation last weekend where I told him again that I wouldn't live like this forever. At some point things will need to change. I am of the mind that we can all explore this together. As long as we can keep up with the evolution we will be fine together. It that's not the case, we can go our separate ways.

I've worked deliberately to be in integrity with myself. I need to be in integrity here as well.

Things are evolving.
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