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nycindie - your reply was quite a surprise, haha. Had no idea I'd come across as cute! Glad you like the way I write. Thanks for your encouragement <3

The last couple of days, I've made my way through my blog, reading with Grotto's eyes. Wasn't so scary, actually.

I told Ocean that Grotto had read my blog, and asked him if he was also curious to read. He said he was. Hmmmmm. I'll sleep on it. I feel like if they get to see inside my bonnet, I'd like to read some of their thoughts & reflections too. Not that I need perfect symmetry - just a flash or two, I reckon.

Today's been perfect. Ocean is my April Fool. Seven years ago today, we made out for the first time under pine trees in the folds of our home city, where an island of lush swamp forest has been preserved from urban encroachment. It's one of our touchstone places, and I look forward to being back there someday.

For now, we're big city livin. Spent our anniversary well. Sleeping in (when's the last time we did that?), amateur gymnastics to get out of bed, walking to one of our favourite local cafes for breakfast, getting lost and amazed in the newly gentrified suburbs flourishing in the lee of multi-storied public housing estates.

Back at home, we started painting the didgeridoo we'd made together at the festival we went to over New Years - a project that's been on our to-do list for a while. We've decided to try to finish it before I leave in two weeks. Needs 5-6 hours more solid work. A couple of Saturday afternoons should do it.

Being creative with Ocean can be a tricky thing. I tend to dominate, and we aren't always gripped by each other's ideas. It's usually more enjoyable to work side-by-side on our own projects than work together on the same thing. Learning how to co-create art has been a fruitful activity for us, and it was lovely to share the design and painting between us. Tiring, though.

By evening we were spent, lazing in pools of ourselves listening to music. I'd made hot chocolates out of an Easter bunny (melt and whisk with milk and chilli powder? Yup, that works.) Ocean was DJ, and I was digging his tunes - Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Roy Orbison, Fats Domino rubbing shoulders with Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, NIN, Tool ?! Heaps of tracks I hadn't heard before, c/o Grooveshark

A last-minute decision to end the day with something special (given the occasion) and we were out again for a late night movie, then dinner at midnight at a nocturnal Italian pizzeria near the theatre (though we ended up getting pasta and a burger, heh.) We walked the meal off over the thirty minutes getting home. The weather's turned chillier, and we had to cuddle for warmth. I love how our bodies feel when we're one dark shape moving through a moonlit city.

"Happy many-versary," he kissed me as he fell asleep. I'm sure there will be.

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