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Question Done Mono.

Hi everybody,

So I guess that would make me officially the new guy around here. I'm single, straight, and have been in serial mono relationships for-really-ever.

I guess when you're in a mono relationship with a woman that falls head over heels for you, and everything seems just right, but after a while you sense a void - that's when you should realize that you might have to re-visits your approach to traditional interpersonal relationship structures.

And - guess what - In the entire confusion about your own feelings, there, at some stage, comes the realization that it's just not fair. It's not fair to yourself, and certainly not to your partner when everything seems in order and in-line within structures predetermined by mainstream society. It is fair to introduce a void in a mono relationship with no way for your partner, by herself, to fulfill that very void?

Trust and fidelity are still present in a poly constellation, yet I hope that void I sensed will be gone. Yes, it is a life event; yes, it feels unknown and unexpected and foreign; but I guess it's finally time to fess up and just pursue what I feel would be the right situation.

This might not make a whole lot of sense - but trust me, if you've been anywhere close to where I have been, you WILL relate.

Appreciate your platform, thanks for having me.
Single, Straight, Smart.

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Trust, Fidelity and Respect can establish that sense of security and bliss even between more than two people.
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