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Default Oh my gosh we aren't alone!

Hi everyone! I am a happy, mentally and spiritually healthy chic and I am exceedingly happy to find that I am far from the only one living my lifestyle! I am in a very happy, loving triad. Our husband is amazing! And our other wife is just the sweetest little tomboy! I am a very girlie mama type. We all love animals and the outdoors. We have an ideal relationship ( that has taken five years of bumps and boo boos to become so). We would just like to make friends who understand us. We are still a closeted triad due to some family respect needs, but we have built a great home and loving relationship. It's amazing I feel more real TRUST than I ever have. We have thought of adding another husband before but are content the way we are. It never hurts to have another guy to do guy chores though right. Many hands make light work I guess! Seriously though we are not hunting. I like to cook and go camping and play, board games, video... Doesn't matter. We just strive to be a happy, peaceful drama free family. We have totally eliminated jealousy and resentment. It's been a loooooong road but worth the trip💃
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