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I talked to my mom and she said to just forget about it.

"Could choose to tell him that rekindling a romance is off the table. You didn't enjoy lies and don't appreciate new lies now. He will go away. Feelings that follow? Your NRE feelings will die down to a more tolerable level because you are not stirring them up. Then you can feel comfortable in yourself again."

I agree with this. When he left the first time the feelings and sad that I felt went away. I found other things to focus on. I learned of a tv show that filled that void and it changed me a lot and I do try to smile more, in fact I smile a ton more. <- see? i mean it.

I do have a guy that I am talking to who is pretty awesome and he is cool with me and Ben, and everything.

I guess I thought with him showing up, things changed, but they didn't. Well, since this is the case and I appreciate the replies, I am off to watch my show and get all happy again. <3
21yr old poly female; single and happy
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