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1) Could choose to tell him that rekindling a romance is off the table. You didn't enjoy lies and don't appreciate new lies now. He will go away. Feelings that follow? Your NRE feelings will die down to a more tolerable level because you are not stirring them up. Then you can feel comfortable in yourself again.

2) Could choose to reopen that door and rekindle romance, knowing the past and take the risk that NOTHING will change in Jose's objectionable behaviors.

3) Could choose something else I cannot think of right now.

4) Could choose to do nothing and just let the confusion feelings blow on through.

5) Some mix and match thing of the above.

You decide when you are ready what you want your next behavior to be.

What more is there? You choose the things in your life. Try to choose well, and choose what is best for your long term health and well being. Only you know what that is.


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