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Default I feel so confused.

Backstory: I am in a relationship with Ben(3yrs) and a few months ago seriously considered a 2nd relationship with Jose(guy at work). Well, after several months of being led on, he came clean and said that his wife had left him and now he was going back to his country. I cried. He left. I never heard from him after that.

Today(4/1/13): Jose shows up at my door in some big ass suv with a big stupid grin on his face. I take one look at him and I just go back inside. I texted Ben and let him know what happened, and according to Ben, Ben seen Jose coming to my house and Jose said he was looking for someone else and as soon as Ben left the mobile home park, Jose knocks on my door.

1) I am not okay with how he lied to me and now Ben.
2) Just looking at him, all those old NRE feelings crept up and just kicked me in the stomach.
3) at the same time, I felt really hurt because of all the lying and deceit that he put me through. I was very upfront with Jose about a lot of things, and I never lied to him, yet all I got from him was stolen kisses and freely given lies.

And all of this wouldn't be so bad if I hadn't already found another really great guy to fill the position of SO#2. Well, actually, yeah it'd still be just as bad.

I want to talk to Jose and I wouldn't mind rekindling the small friendship that we had, but I'm not sure if I could trust him anymore.
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