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Originally Posted by Cleo View Post
being open to more connections also means taking more risks, and that means more chance of being disappointed, more chance of being turned down. It means more waiting for people to text you back, more uncertainties about what people think of you, it means being vulnerable and yes that means you could get hurt. The trick (and I haven't mastered it yet, but I've learned SO MUCH) is to not let that waiting, the uncertainty, the getting turned down, be the main thing. Treat it as something fun you're doing, have other things going, yes make other plans when she's not responding, make sure you have a great life.
Not only does that make the inevitable occasional disappointment easier to take, it also makes you a nicer person to be with, which will decrease your chances of disappointment.

And another thing many people who post here can't seem to accept is that just because you and your partner(s) agreed that you're ok with seeing other people, it does not ENTITLE you to have what you want. It's really gross when people come on here and moan that they're "doing everything right" and no one (they want) will date them, no one (they want) will answer them on OKC, or that "there are no poly people where I live". Welcome to the real world, where some of us spend most of our time, and where you can't always get whatever you want whenever you want it.

(this is not necessarily directed at the OP of this thread, unless it is.)
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