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She's still texting back. I think that's a good sign.
I thought it was, too...but I haven't heard a peep since Friday, despite sending a simple message a couple of days ago, asking how her weekend was going. Starting to think she went out with girlfriends, talked about it, and I got labeled as a creep/weirdo/freak/etc. Wondering if the same thing that happened with M is going to happen here...shot down before I get a chance to present my case in person.

A dear female friend of mine says I have the tendency to be impatient and mindf*ck myself. Perhaps that's what I'm doing. Dunno.

I was telling my wife the other night...I'm finding it ironic that while I thought the 'open' in open marriage meant more connections, more friends, more actually feels a lot more like a scarlet letter so far. Frustrating.
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