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Originally Posted by vampiresscammy View Post
in an ideal world, we could all simply be us and stop having to use these inadequate terms to describe ourselves
Totally agree with you! I feel that there are only limited times when labels are of value.

If you are trying to build a community, sometimes labels are important in order for folks to be able to find you using search engine keywords and the like, but even then they can be a huge impediment when people in the group define a term radically different from others and can't agree on any sort of unified approach (which I have found to my cost). Also, if you are looking for some sort of acknowledgment of legal standing, then I feel that definitions may be important (the judicial system relies on them, in fact). But other than that? I really don't care what label someone uses or how they "self-identify" - I see them as a unique person first and want to get to know them as such, rather than saying "oh, you don't self-identify as X - I only get along with people who are X" or anything like that.

@River: Check out the "Community" link in the menu, and then pick "Social Groups" - you could form a "Biamory" social group that people could find and join, long after this thread has dropped down out of sight beyond the first page.

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