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Default Is this going Polyamorous?

Hello everyone. I am newbie here.
23 yo boy being in a relationship with my 32 yo boyfriend for nearly 5 years. we have a good communication and good relationship. EVerything was fine, until the day i found out he cheated with my bottom friend. But of course he didn't realize this. And i pretend not to know anything for the last 6 mnths. But the thought of him cheating with my friend quite bothering me. perhaps sexually. Everytime he canceled appointment suddenly, i know he lied. but then my feelings changed. Im jealous. but at the same time i have some sort of feeling that arouse me in a weird way.

Honest speaking, recently ive been fantasizing something about x rate about them. and the more i go explore into it, the more i found out that it might be pure feeling. the way to prove my affection and real sacrifice. i dont know. i just keep thinking this over. and i dont know if i have to be honest to him or not about it. i think i just feel had a crush and deeply in love with my boyfriend again, for the second time. is this something new for our relationship to explore?

thank you for sharing
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