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Originally Posted by AzerPhyre View Post
I've felt used for sex through deception. I've felt manipulated. I've had to adjust to their living arrangements and routines, instead of them compromising and including my routines too. I'm still living out of a cloth grocers' bag and a backpack on the bedroom floor after two weeks (although it was stated I would at least have a drawer and some closet space for my clothing, and a shelf in the bathroom for my toiletries.) Am I crazy for saying this isn't what I signed up for?
Not "crazy" per se. A lot of people have made the mistake you're making, it's human nature to want to try to make something work when there are elements of it that seem like they could be just what you want. But yeah, I definitely think you're making a big mistake by staying.

Triads where a third person joins the life of an established couple always seem to be hard and fraught with pitfalls. I think it's possible for it to work if it's taken very slowly, and everyone has superb communication skills and is very, very reasonable and considerate. None of that is that seems to be remotely the case here.

What would you tell a friend in this situation? What would you tell a sister who was being treated the way you're being treated? Do you believe that you deserve better? If so, what's keeping you from acting on that belief?

You are free to walk away any time you want. You are completely free. If I were you, I would have been gone already.

Best of luck.
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