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oh labels, labels, labels

labels I see as being good for very minor short inadequate firt glimspes into our personal world by an outsider, but yes I'd love it if we all took more time to simply get to know each other and see where we fit together if we do instead of forcing labels that barely scratch on describing the people we are

some of these I've heard before "heteroflexible" - which I kinda figured meant you were straight but at least not positioned at "no way in hell" on the possibility of same sex fun, wether it be full on sex or just small touching or something

I've also heard "pansexual" used before, and I don't care for it, simply the sound of it, makes it sound like you want to make out with threes or something, just very odd to me, but it was not well defined by said person using it in my presence

in an ideal world, we could all simply be us and stop having to use these inadequate terms to describe ourselves and simply love whom we do and let the feeling sbe returned or not as the other feels, I much prefer getting to know someone and figuring out where we fit together and how our relationship will move forward based on what we both want and are willing to take if we can't have exactly what we want, only problem with that is 'you quieter types' (as a general term for quieter folks whom seem harder to figure out) who seem to not always make it clear if your happy in friendville or are not opposed to perhaps moving farther and seeing what may lie ahead

why can't we all just say, hey I love this person here, this one over there, and him too, and also her, and this lovely indivudual, and hey if you wanna label me soemhting, well okay, but i'm gonna be over here doing my thing, living my life, so call me whatever you like, i'm busy living my life
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