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Originally Posted by trixlg View Post
Until i see an actual therapist for some of the child hood trauma its what stops me from actually pursuing this life choice. I don't want to burden or hurt others with my issues.
I myself have had some child hood related issues from my past, abuse and the such, and I can relate to the feeling of being held back by the past. Please, though, do not deprive yourself love and support for fear that it will be burdensome to the one you love. As a human being you deserve support and respect, though you need not tell everyone every detail, those friends you trust can help support you and give you courage. Therapy does help with these traumas, so if you wish to pursue therapy, please feel encouraged to try. Just remember, if you are making an effort you are not a burden. Each of us have scars to some extent, some are just deeper from one person to another. I wish you luck, and if you wish to talk, I always have an open ear. (I find them rather hard to close, actually. Silly physics.)
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