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Default "Wish I was there"

I'm not entirely sure why I did it, but I started a new OKC profile recently.

On any given day, I can count on some variation of the following in my inbox:

[SFX: crickets chirring]

Okay, that's not entirely true. I have started a couple of conversations that went on for a bit, but then faded out. Still, no one had actually initiated contact with me.

But then, the other day, an actual message! Oh, be still my heart!

It was from someone in the great Midwest - by the algorithm a 73% match, though 33% "enemy" - who wrote simply:

"I wish I lived in [your city]"

I live in Georgia.

Well, yeah. My city is a nice city, sure enough. Lots of people might want to live here.

I wrote back:

"That's funny. I wish I lived in Amherst, MA."

Which is a little bit true.
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