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I spent several hours talking to Pixi on Friday night. It was really good to be able to enjoy talking to a metamour without pretenses and drama. I've only had that with one other. It really makes all the difference.

And yesterday after reading some of her posts, I noticed some inaccuracies in how she saw our history, and I sent her message clearing up that Cricket had never once been the reason for us to have issues in our marriage, that those issues were there long before her. And that she was his first 'out' relationship not his last. And that my issues with her (Pixi) in the beginning had nothing to do with past experiences and everything to do with a few things that had occurred that left me a bit uneasy. I sent the message to her mostly because I like to have the whole picture when I think of things and I like to know my picture is accurate so I can make accurate assessments, so I like to make sure others have that as well. It was great to have it received so positively. I was able to understand why she wasn't clear on things, and she was able to have a better understanding of how things have happened.

It's nice to see three years worth of gained knowledge being put into action. And to have someone who willingly and fully accepts it. I really enjoy the fact that we've let things grow organically, without forcing anything.

On my end of things, I've been talking with a couple of guys that may possibly lead to more. Now that I'm not juggling school and work and home, I'm a little more open to dating. Still don't having a driving need for it, but if something comes of it I'm not going to turn it away.
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