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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
It's an entirely different thing when someone who is part of a committed couple says, "I am open to having more than one relationship, and we have an agreement that that's okay. Here's this second person I really like. I am drawn to him/her because we really work well together/laugh at the same things/seem to hit it off, etc. Let's see where it goes" The PERSON is the important part, not a role they are expected to play. And then AFTERWARDS, they realize, "Wow! I never expected my second relationship to affect my first relationship so positively. It's really enhanced my marriage/partnership to be involved with him/her."
I'm brand new to all this, but this is how I think it's happening with us.

I just told Q today that I've heard that opening up a relationship can improve it, but who knew it could do that before anything had actually happened?! This isn't to say that he's dating Miss M in order to improve our marriage, but it's one hell of an amazing side effect!
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