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Originally Posted by CalShep View Post
He finally comes home to get some rest before work, so I ask him about his visit (which is one of our agreements, that I want to hear every last detail about everything).

I wanted to hear a play-by-play, and he just gave a few extra broad details with qualifiers like "I might have..."

Does he just want privacy as far as their intimate relationship? Does he have a right to it despite what we've discussed (my wanting to hear about every little detail)?
Yes he does, and yes he does. Despite what you two have discussed, it's obvious to me that he's not 100% ok with being required to tell you everything and with you pumping him for additional details. He's clearly doing it only to make you happy, which it doesn't even seem to be doing.

What about HER? Does SHE want privacy as far as their intimate relationship? Does SHE have a "right" to it (as if it's your place to decide that) despite what "we've" discussed? Was she part of this royal "we" you speak of? If so, I adjust my perspective accordingly, but I allow my statement to stand in case there are others reading this who might benefit.

Last but not least - you don't like that he gave her your phone number, but you have to know exactly how many times they each cum when they fuck? Is it ok with you if he tells her how many times you cum when he fucks you, and in what position(s)?

Surprise me. Say it ain't so.
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