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Well. Q just left for his and Miss M's first date. Then called me to report that his check engine light is flashing and the car is shuddering. So, he's headed back to our neighborhood to his parents' place to figure out what the hell is wrong. Apparently, he and his dad will figure it out in the morning and he'll borrow his dad's car for tonight. I find it really funny that he's borrowing his dad's car to visit his mistress. He's always teasing about going to see his mistresses, so when a friend asked if he wanted to do something tonight, Q told him he was going to be at his mistress's.

It's so surreal to us all, I think. Our marriage has never been stronger. We're communicating amazingly well. He listens to my fears and validates that we're his first priority.

I'm feeling a little nervous, but not bad. I'm working an overnight shift tonight and plan on bringing my Ativan with me, but that's mostly because I'd rather be over-prepared than under. Thursday morning I had a pretty full-blown panic episode. Q was great, and between him and talking to Miss M, I feel amazingly good tonight. Q's going to drop by work after his date.
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