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I am sorry you hurt.

It's a reality of the Universe -- your 100% effort towards holding up your side of the stick in a relationship? Still only one side of the stick being help up.

He has to hold his side end of the stick too. A relationship cannot fly without all sides of responsibility sticks held up. All the needs are not going to be met like that -- players are just not compatible.

If it is best for BOTH your best long term healths to let go of the relationship -- it will be ok for you to let it go. It's not fun to FEEL. Break ups are not fun. But you will be ok post break up.

Right now you are fearing a break up. Why not just call and ask? "When we meet next week in person, what are we talking about exactly? Breaking up or fixing things? Just so I can begin to prepare myself for the conversation."

Then you can KNOW what to expect and not spend energies "what iffing."

You might not feel TONS better, but a little bit of the burden could be alleviated.

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