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Talking Sleep Date

We have a sleep date tonight!!

To catch up:

This past Wednesday IV was home, we spend most of the day together, ended up in the shower and then some light sexy time after. It was wonderful to feel connected to her like that again. I'm pretty sure she felt like I was trying to suck her face off I was so excited to be in an embrace with her again!

She's heading out of town this coming week, starting Monday. So yesterday I thought now would be a good time to make my desires known to her. I sent her a text while she was at work telling her I'd like her to spend the night with me before she went out of town, if there were time and desire.

She said that would be great. We didn't discuss when, but my schedule is pretty forgiving so I didn't press the point. I figured she would let me know when she had a time in mind.

Today she asked me for a "sleep date" tonight, as well as a leisurely tomorrow morning with breakfast, followed by laundry lol. While I won't be doing any laundry tomorrow, I'm beside myself with happiness that our romantic relationship seems to be heading into a direction I find more desirable.
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