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Originally Posted by sjn1069 View Post
I am interested in hearing from others to find out how you have made this work for you.
We are technically a polyandrous "V", at least in our living situation. IV is mine and CVs girlfriend, CV and I do not have any kind of romantic involvement. CV and IV have other partners who do not live with us, which might preclude us from fitting into the polyandrous mold - not sure how specific that definition is.

It works because it works, we haven't done much of anything to make it do so. IV and I were both very frank about our worldviews from the get-go so there haven't been any surprises. The three of us (CV, IV, and myself) have exactly no say over each others feelings, time, energy, affection which, to date, removes the need for us to "work on" anything.

Originally Posted by sjn1069 View Post
From the men I am interested in hearing about how you have adjusted to sharing your wife's love and affection with other men
I'm in a different position than you. I am dating IV who is dating CV and has been for years. So fortunately I've never considered her affection to be mine; we don't relate that way. We are all adults, independent from each other, she enjoys mine and CVs company as she sees fit, the three of us live together... but "sharing" implies a sense of ownership which is not present with us.

There is the issue of dealing with time scarcity, but that is a similar issue to work and hobbies. Still, people need to decide for themselves where they want to spend their time. I have no interest in making these determinations for them (I have my preference, of course).

Originally Posted by sjn1069 View Post
and deal with your peers that will question how you can "allow" your wife to do that.
I don't associate with people like that. They are dead weight.
Me: male, 43, straight, non-hierarchical, independent

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