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Just played catch up.

My Mrs. mentioned the guilt thing last weekend. I listened to her. I kept telling her that I never blamed her or her lifestyle, way of living, state of being, existence, or what the hell ever, for anything that transpired. She wasn't trying to hear it then, and she isn't trying to hear it now. I can't make her stop feeling guilty or control what she does. When my Mrs. gets something in her brain, there's no stopping it. She ended her relationship today. I can't say I have an opinion on it one way or the other. It's not my place to question why she's doing things or feels that she has to change herself. In a perfect world, I'd have been able to talk her out of it or talk her off that ledge. "Your feelings are clouding your judgment." "Think about this some more before you make a decision." "Don't do something you might regret." All to no avail. I never asked or expected her to do that. I was working on living with the situation and dealing with it the best way possible. I guess she has things she needs to work on in her corner. I can't understand why she's chosen to wallow in guilt and past hurts. Shit happens. It's part of being human. She needs to forgive herself. There's nothing I can do but try to be there for her in whatever capacity she needs me to be. I guess I could slip on some wings and shoot people in the ass like my name is Cupid and bridge the gap by bringing them back together. I don't think that's my place either. I need to stay out of it. Opening my mouth earlier this month is what kicked all of this off, so I've done enough.
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