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This is polyamory. I love multiple people, and am loved in turn by multiple people. Nobody is loved "more" and nobody "less" but each loved differently. Polyamory isn't fucking, it isn't sex. It isn't living quarters and finances.

Polyamory is love. Polyamory is no longer feeling fear in my relationships. Sure, we might disagree now and then and we will, as amazing unique people, but I think my biggest hurdle is past with them now. I love them, and they know it. They're not afraid of me on a pure, deep level. By extensions, they're not afraid of who I love, not afraid of each other. My world is finally coming full circle.
Someone sent me a message to express concern over the phrasing I used here. What I was trying to convey wasn't a definition of polyamory. I don't mean to define what poly is to others. I think what I meant and was feeling most when I wrote that line wasn't more about polyamory as a concept but about actually feeling loved in multiple ways from multiple directions. It was intended to be an affirmation of that feeling, not a definition about all of polyamory.

Thanks for helping me clarify.
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