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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
I didn't imagine he was going to surprise and enlighten you.

He does have a Ben Stiller look lol. He's has his PhD in cognitive neuroscience and is frequently a speaker at free-thought events; debunking dogmatic thought processes etc.
Heheh. It's always fun to be validated by someone with academic credentials.

Side note: While I do not feel required to explain why I write the way I do, I want to point out that i don't speak as concisely in real-time. This is because writing gives a person the chance to look over what they have written and make it better, or shorter, or whatever (it's called "editing", LOL). I have this personal rule of trying to not over-use adjectives and adverbs in written speech, because scientific papers are like that. A good scientific write-up simply says what happened and draws conclusions from the data and empirical observations. While I don't live my day-to-day life ONLY according to these principles, I try to always be mindful that these principles can be applied to almost any situation (I have yet to observe a situation where they CANNOT apply, I have observed many situations where those involved do not WANT to apply them). I do have a hard time understanding why a person with years of education in the hard sciences would resist this kind of systematic thought-process in other areas of interest.

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