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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
You guys dig Sam Harris? He is probably my all time favorite intellectual. I want to have his fat, pink, theoretical babies. In his book The Moral Landscape he devotes a lot of time early on, discussing the idea of how to talk about subjective topics. He frequently comes under fire from the hardline relativists and goes to great lengths to try and get some of this sorted out so that a meaningful discussion can take place.
Don't think I ever heard of Sam Harris, but it is possible that I am familiar with those topics.

I like Alfred Korzybski's ideas, but I have not been able to sit still long enough to read more than a page or two of "Science and Sanity" at a time. However, other writers have summarized his work that I have been able to assimilate it into my brain. LOL. I still find myself using the verb construction "to be" and its derivatives... especially on the ipod. I "am" just lazy, it seems. (See what I did there?)

btw i'm going to check out that video link right now.
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