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Gala Girl, I like the six maturities. Thanks.

I agree, he doesn't need to do anything. I call my kids out all the time on the difference between need and want (and now I'm getting it back from them, lol) so I of all people should have been more careful about using that word.

However, I do believe that when someone is that threatened and upset by what I thought was a simple, innocent question; when they can't answer it without getting agitated, upset, and going on the offensive--they ought to stop and ask themselves why they can't just answer, and what's going on 'behind the scenes' of their own mind and emotions. And I'd say he's one who usually is introspective and lives life thoughtfully.

Regardless, my main question was for input and perspective on the concept of outside relationships 'enhancing' a primary relationship. I've seen the idea in OKCupid profiles, articles, plenty of places, over the 18 months I've been reading. And I never got the impression they were saying 'Our marriage sucks, we're trying to enhance it,' but more like: 'Our marriage is wonderful, we're deliriously happy, and we want to add you/outside relationships to enhance it even more.'
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