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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post

Then don't, but they are titles and my argument is that titles in general (and those in particular) come with assumptions of authority and responsibility.

You (and others) seem to think that titles don't come with implications of authority and responsibility. That's very odd, but you guys are entitled to have odd opinions if you want. It just means that no rational conversation can occur if words have "fluid" meanings like that.
i don't understand that sort of viewpoint either Marcus, I can not even imagine anyone not getting the fact that there is inherent status in the titles "Husband" and "wife". I admire people who can see past titles, but I certainly can't and I think that those with certain privilege just don't see it really, but having been in a position when I have heard a primary partner get on the phone and talk about his 'wife' to someone and the pain it caused me knowing it is a title I couldn't possibly hold, I know the effect that the hierarchy of legal marriage and the trappings thereof, can have.

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