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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I agree with everything you said in the above post, SC, but this stood out to me. I am glad you said the "many" mono couples coast in their relationship, not "most."
Yup. "Most" mono couples run into just as much trouble by sweeping problems under the rug as anyone, just like singles are not immune either.

I just figure, the more people "looking" at any person or relationship on an intimate level, the more opportunities you'll have to mess up, and the more chances you'll have for someone to point out your shit. Plus, if two partners tell you the same thing, then it's more likely to hit home.

Also, that poly requires couples to discuss things that don't ordinarily come up. Couples who don't learn to communicate quickly revert to monogamy, and probably degrade from there. So anyone who has more opportunities to practice communication is more likely to realize problems that might otherwise go unnoticed.
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