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I'm not in the closet about being poly, not at all. That means I have no reason to not want people to know. Recently I've started a new job and a new hobby, so I've met a lot of new people in a short amount of time. Most of the people from the hobby are now my facebook friends and if they have been following at all, they should know. Most of them have also seen me with my girlfriend. But I've actually never mentioned my boyfriend to them, there just haven't been a situation where it would've come up. What annoys me is that we usually hang out in a big group and I feel more comfortable coming out to people one-on-one, but I just never have the opportunity to do that!

In the job it's a bit different, but equally difficult. I'm not facebook friends with any of them and I haven't said anything about my relationship situation to anyone. When my coworkers refer to their partners, I just sit there quietly. My problem is that I would like to mention both of my partners at the same time. I mean I don't like the idea that one coworker thinks I have a boyfriend, another one thinks I have a girlfriend and a third one knows I have both. I want to avoid confusion and be clear about it. I definitely don't want to be in the closet forever. I've only been working there for two weeks now, but I still feel like I should just get it over with.

I just feel like there are too many people that I hang out with at the moment who don't know the whole picture and that bothers me. I like to feel relaxed and I can't be totally relaxed if I have to hide a big part of myself.
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