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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
I assume that perhaps you may be from the US or Canada maybe, and that they don't have the same definition of practical? Or perhaps it's just not one you've come across. But as well as the meaning of practical to mean something feasable; is useful... It also has the meaning of hands-on. Something you indeed use your body for. Actually manipulating the world around you. In science specifically, is where we most often see it. As -practicals- are what we call the hands-on part of an experiment. Sure, you have all the planning beforehand, but the practical is the throwing chemicals at each other until they explode. and this was the definition of the word I was going by. Using the mind is VERY useful. But not hands-on. More clear?
Lol - I'm from Scotland.

I agree with you - that is very much what is meant by practical. The bit where you do something. Write code, ski, build a bed, mix chemicals, gather data. The doing bit.

It's just something I find myself thinking about lots just now and questioning.

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