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Originally Posted by wildflowers View Post
I almost mentioned sign language in response to your other post; now that you've brought it up yourself I have to.

I was struck by your comment about language changing how you think about things, because it reminded me of a book on sign language and deaf culture
( in which I'm pretty sure he said that one of the key reasons it was important to teach the deaf to sign was that without true access to a language it is much harder to think; you just don't have all the tools for it.

It was a pretty interesting book overall, though as I recall a bit dry at times. It was quite a while ago that I read it though.
I don't know about difficult to think. But certainly different. I would imagine people who were born deaf would think in terms of images. and those born blind would think in terms of sound. Those of us who have had access to both, can be all across the range of the two.

and those aren't the only ways of thinking, of course. I just use them as easy examples. and although each side would have difficulty with the others, having never experienced them, they generally still manage to solve the same problems, but in different ways. People are great at adapting.

That's how sign language came about as it was. People adapted to be able to communicate, even though they knew no way, or were incapable of, speaking vocally.

Even though we may not have gone as far as inventing a language in our lives [although I remember creating an alphabet as a kid. =P], I'm sure we've adapted to suit our advantages, and push away our disadvantages.
That's basically how this thread of mine started. I wanted mould myself into something greater. It's a long journey, but definitely worth it.
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