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Originally Posted by FullofLove1052 View Post
Assuming the hinge guilt wears off, at what point does it ever go back to feeling like it was all or ever worth it? In the moment, it seemed like it was. Hey...I got to be myself, be with the people I loved, but in being myself and following my true nature, you could say that I hurt others in my pursuit of happiness. That is an extension of why I feel selfish.
The pain will fade, for both of you. Life is never pain-free, people get hurt all the time -- but we recover. All of you will heal on your own timetables and eventually you and Matt (and Si, too, if she is willing to let go of resentments) will be able to look back and see the lessons you learned as valuable, even if it makes you cringe to remember certain things. Hopefully you will look back at it all as a learning experience and make better choices in the future, in how you communicate, compromise, etc.
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