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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
There are times when education with a gentle hand is the best approach. There are times when telling hard truths to power is the best approach (though it may not be perceived as so to those people having to hear the hard truths). I've found myself in both situations. Both approaches are valid and necessary to create change.

Indeed. Placing the onus on others whether or not we listen to their message seems... well I don't know what the right word would be. Irresponsible? I control whether or not I listen to someone. I thought others did the same.

It sounds like the equivalent of covering one's ears and saying "La la la, I won't listen unless you say it nice or it makes me feel good," and add a little stomp of the foot for emphasis. The real world isn't like that.

There is a mainstream trend that has been highlighted in socio-political studies. There is a focus on those who contribute to the cause "feeling good for doing the right thing." It must be included that it "feels good" and that "you did the right thing." The aim is not to help whatever cause in a meaningful way or become involved but about being able to pat oneself on the back, look in the mirror and say "I'm a good person."

It's pretty disturbing how disconnected from reality some are that even tragedy has to be sugar coated and framed in a manner that focuses on how good they are and how nice it makes them feel, in order for them to give it a second glance.


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