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Originally Posted by Vixtoria View Post
Making it just a normality in my own life does a pretty good job of letting others know that it is indeed just normal!
My mother taught me when I was a little kid that "If you carry yourself like you are supposed to be there, people will just assume it's true". When I am comfortable about a part of my life and I share it with people it rarely makes them uncomfortable or prompts them to challenge me.

If I am still new to an idea or have not had the chance to express it to anyone outside of that particular viewpoint I can be clumsy or passive about it - which prompts challenge and discussion. The idea of discussing CV with anyone is still a little shaky for me and I've only done it a couple of times. I am sure people can hear it in my voice, that I'm still new to the situation and am hesitant to talk about it.

So I agree, how "normal" I feel about what I'm expressing has a big impact.
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