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Originally Posted by kkxvlv View Post
I struggle with the idea of "coming out" as poly because I've never felt the need to announce my relationships to anyone before so I can't begin to imagine how or why I would now.
One of the girls in our local bi-group has a funny story like that. When she started dating her girlfriend, her mom was like "You have to tell Grandma that you're dating Kim." My friend was so confused, she was like "What? Why? I didn't have to tell her when I started dating any boys." She's like 19 now, was about 16 or 17 at the time, so she's grown up knowing that it's fine to be non-straight. But she couldn't for the life of her figure out why she had to tell Grandma that she was dating a girl.

She also wasn't "allowed" to tell her little sister... Dad didn't want her to set a bad example. At one point, my friend got grounded. Her aunt asked her, "Do you know why Jen got grounded?" "Because she's dating a girl." Not exactly true, just happened that this particular girl kept her out past curfew all the time and that got her in trouble... but as far as lil' sis was concerned, she was grounded because Dad didn't like her dating a girl :P
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