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Originally Posted by Vixtoria View Post
So while I personally figure what works for you works for you, I don't get the same attitudes back. For the record you can argue about things being stifling but argue that you imagine it is stifling TO YOU. Let's stop making assumptions on other people's relationship configurations just because they wouldn't work for you huh?
So you would make the point that titles do not come with assumptions of responsibility or authority? Do you think that there are no responsibilities or authority associated with the titles Husband and Wife? Do you claim that those titles are incapable of stifling someone from functioning in a way that doesn't agree with those assumptions?

By all means, make your case. I'm curious to hear your argument.

You sound like you think I'm attacking your way of life and that you have wounds associated with this topic. I am having a very civil conversation about hierarchy, and will continue to do so until I decide I won't anymore. I encourage you to join in the conversation (constructively).
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