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Ugh, that sounds like a really rough situation. I'd recommend Veaux's controversial bill of Secondary rights ( It's a helpful "are they treating me decently?" checklist.

From your post, that sounds like a lot for two weeks. Technically, the Titanic ran into the iceberg, didn't it? It sounds like they are having some problems in their relationship, and they're taking some of it out on you. Not including you in life change things (promotion, birth control, etc)? Bad at communication? Not making space for you in the house? And with all this neglect (at least), they expect you to be the unicorn to hold their marriage together? All red flags, and I think anybody would be upset.

You have lots you can do. Galagirl did a good job of laying out how to talk about things in terms of specific broken agreements. If they (sounds like mainly she) can't find some time to communicate properly on these points... the communication probably will not get better.

Hope things go alright, and the communication does happen. It if comes to lose-lose, you still have a choice.
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