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Hello everyone. I thought I'd post a quick introduction and then I'll post another thread elsewhere with a question that I have been considering since my wife brought it up to me a few days ago.

I am a happily married 43 year old man. I am heterosexual. My wife and I have been married for eleven years. A few months ago we began to talk about opening up our marriage to allow her to date other men. I personally am not interested in starting a relationship with another woman, but am very open to my wife becoming involved with other men. Initially we discussed this as a "hotwife" lifestyle choice, but over time I proposed that we approach it as a polyandrous lifestyle choice. This made my wife very happy and is the direction that we plan to go, though she has not yet become involved with anyone.

I've joined this group to learn more about the pitfalls that we may encounter, not to become persuaded not to go through with this, but rather to be aware in advance so that we can be more successful as we move into this new chapter of our life together. My wife is also going to join the group under another user name.

I appreciate all the advice and support that I am sure we'll find here.
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